U.S. Capitol Building

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Lafayette Park,in front of the White House

Looking northeast,with statue of General Comte de Rochambeau,in foreground,erected in 1902.  Each of the Park’s corners has a statue of an European (2 French,1 German,1 Polish) who lead colonial troops against the British Army in the American Revolution.  In the center of the Park is General Andrew Jackson of the War of 1812 fame,and later President.IMG_3275.jpg

General of the Army Pershing

The General who lead American troops in World War I is honored by this statue in a park, a block east of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave.  he was so important that the park is also named after him.

This small, triangular park has been proposed as the site of a new memorial to those who fought in World War I.

“History,it has been said,is what the present chooses to remember about the past.”

Eric Foner, “The Fiery Trial;Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery”Gen Logan.jpgStatue of Union General John A. Logan, on Logan Circle, north of downtown DC.  He was also a US Congressman and Senator (and unsuccessful vice presidential candidate).